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Hi, Im Amie - Business Mentor & Confidence Coach for the new and emerging Female Entreprenuer. Below you will find a collection of my favorite, most popular and proven strategy & mindset workshops, courses and downloads to help you get your business moving forward. 

Free Tax Tracker Form

Download the spreadsheet that I used for tracking my income and expenses and gave to my CPA every year at tax time. 

18 Stand Out Stragtegies

Start Standing Out and Attracting your Ideal Dream Clients. Is your Mom the only one who you seem to be getting comments and engagement posts from? (Thanks Mom) But you want to reach more people, impact more people and become KNOWN, not just noticed by your Mom... well this is the perfect solution for you! I have gathered 18 methods to get you standing out and in front of your ideal audience. TIP: Don't try to implement all 18 at once. 


Learn how you can implement the Law of Attraction and manifest the life of your dreams, with or without a vision board in this free workshop.

Money Mindset Course

Rewrite your negative money mindset story to a story of abundance and wealth... start attracting your ideal dream clients now.

Ideas to Income.

Free Workbook to turn your ideas into income with confidence 

Branding Bundle Self Study


Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

My personal prioritizing checklist to keep me on track, productive and without the overwhelm!

Confident Challenges- Monetize your Free Communities

Getting Started With Essential Oils

ExPINential Visibility

Learn my step by step approach to becoming visible to almost 2 MILLION MONTHLY VIEWERS on Pinterest in 4 months

ExPINential Pinterest Checklist

100 Ways To Use Essential Oils