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The Perfect Bundle


Stop settling for being “Just Another Coach” - Be too Fabulous to Blend in!

Perhaps this sounds like you?

Do you dream of being a TOP Coach or you are just launching your business but you don't know where the hell to start

Are you are spinning your wheels, wasting time, money and energy and haven't even really started?
Do you feel like you cant find traction in your coaching biz?

Do you feel like you “GOT IN” too Late  or your market is currently “Saturated”?

Are you searching for the answers to what sets you apart?

Are you struggling to find that makes you different from other coaches?

Are you just posting random quotes & images, sweaty selfies, and anything else you can think of to get your 3-5 daily posts out there- to find little to no return?

You have no logo, no brand or style board, no theme -AND- No flippin' idea how to get those things without spending your life savings.


 I know you are feeling discouraged, frustrated and UNSEEN!

You are feeling like you stand in the shadows of your upline or industry peers,  wasting time and energy spinning your wheels. 

You have no idea where to start or how to put all the ideas bouncing around in your mind into something organized and gorgeous!

You feel like there's nothing about your posts and images that makes you really stand out and get noticed. Even though you are trying to share some seriously awesome information and content. The Truth Is….

You are Totally Right!

So why is that the top coaches make it seem so effortless?
Why do they seem like they have it all together? 

They really look like a true professional, a REAL business owner- Am I Right? 

But how the hell are they doing it all, juggling mom life, home life, wife life and CEO life- I mean Seriously are they for real?
 YES THEY ARE!You can keep wasting your time trying to figure it all out on your own ORYou can learn how to create a gorgeous brand for yourself!YES?This is the right place for you!

Look I Get It...

Hi Im Amie.... Mom, Wife, Farmer, Nutritionist, Business Mentor & Certified Confidence Coach. 

When I first started off as a coach I found that I was taking the advice and suggestion that it was “Supposed to be a Struggle for the first several months”- the truth is, it doesn't have to be! I mean that was the worst advice ever! There's always a better way... 

I have been following and taching my "Triple D approach"... 
Dream, Decide, Do! 
Once I found my foundation & consistent brand essence and style I really honed into it and found that a lot more people, the right people (aka ideal dream clients) started to gravitate towards ME

I found that they were able to really relate to my essence on a visual level AND to my values and approach. I found there was more to “Branding” than just a logo! 

I found I was able to increase my earning potential and starting seeing more results, and actually enjoying my business! 

I learned that having a consistent style, vibe and overall essence in every form of marketing (blog, social media posts, emails, etc) that I was able to really stand out!  

It wasn't long before I was referred to as "The BusyFitMom" - That's when I knew it was WORKING!

I am SO EXCITED to Share...

In this Branding BUNDLE (yes you get the Foundations Course too- Find your Ideal Dream Clients) A 4-week online program to give the hungry Coach the Ingredients to Launch a 5 Star Online Business- Be Too Fabulous to Blend in! 

Here’s what you will get…

 A complete 5 star experience with a loaded menu of top notch recipes that will take you from “Souix Chef” Status (struggling to launch or earn consistent income) to “Executive Chef” Status (overcome the overwhelm and anxiety) with my online workshops that will leave you feeling clear on your purpose, approach, integrity and the ingredients to take action and grow a decedant online coaching business.

Imagine If...

YOU were recognized as THAT COACH instead of “Just Another Coach”.... 

Imagine the confidence you would have… 
What it would feel like to be recognized as a LEADER in your industry, with a GORGEOUS Stand Out Brand… It’s totally possible!  
“Wow.. Is she on FIRE or what! Amie is the real deal!! You don't deliver training and share your message like this unless you are truly passionate for helping others become the best version of themselves. Amie is coming from the purest place within her soul! 

It is fast paced with zero fluff, which is perfect for people who don’t have time to squeeze in anything else on their schedule. I have learned SOOOOO much. Tons of the things I've done in this business have been original ideas from Amie. Aaaand I've just had a really good time getting to know her and the others as well!

This training is kicking our businesses into high gear. I really think you will be as blessed by this training as I have been, and without a doubt I know you’ll see your investment returned tenfold. If you’re serious about exploding the growth of your business and locking down financial freedom, this is a highly recommended step.”
Tamm R, Florida

The Breakdown

Here's What We'll Cover-
  • Say Good Bye to Mediocracy with a FULLY comprehensive course that includes:
  •  Branding Overview- Why a Branding Essence is Important
  •   Determining YOUR Brand- Values, Essence, and Fundamentals
  •   Identify what makes YOU unique- Standing out in a Saturated Market
  •   Visual Aspects- Branding Visuals, Brand/Style Board creation, and everything you need to know about Branding Photography 
  •  Putting it All together- Taking Action and Getting SEEN!!

Take Immediate ACTION-

Start getting SEEN- Four Robust Workshops will get you jumpstarted right away!  No delay by dragging it out week after week- Crush it Right Away!  (You get lifetime access to the recordings). 

Everything Starts with a Strong Foundation

  • Set yourself apart from competition, and shake the fear/mindset of your industry being saturated.
  •  Capture the attention of your ideal dream clients (aka paying clients).
  •  Feel Clear as the 70oz of water you drink everyday (I work with a lot of health coaches).
  •  You are ready to BE YOU, share YOUR story and your UNSHAKEABLE WHY
  •  This is for coaches who are ready to uplevel and stop standing in the shadow of your upline.
  •  You are totally done chasing your tail and you're ready to create your own Gorgeous Standout Brand and start speaking directly to the woman who needs to hear YOUR Message and feel a connection with your energy.
  •  You are starting to feel overcome with overwhelm and like you've been spinning your wheels, and on the verge of burn out, and you just need to figure this out once and for all. 
  •  You want to PROVE to yourself and maybe even to your husband and the Nay Sayers that you CAN really do this.
  •  You Imagine having engaged prospects and clients in your news feed, challenges and communities.

This Program is For...

Female Entrepreneurs Who are:

* Incredibly passionate, ready to work and kick butt, and are craving more exposure in their business.

*Already working their buns off and have some clients and a feel for their business goals...but want to attract and convert them at a faster rate and become known as the Go-To Coach/Expert

Are YOU...

  •  Sick of spinning your wheels and living in a state of overwhelm?
  •   Ready to take ACTION and follow a step by step recipe that will reduce those feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and confusion?
  •  Finished wasting time and money on services and technology that aren't necessary or complete in order to embrace, design and CREATE your Gorgeous Brand?
  •  Discouraged and exhausted from working so hard to stand out, grab viewers attention and get paying clients with little or no results? 
  •  Ready to leverage your passions and experience (along with some hard work, soul searching & creativity) into a Decedant Brand that generates PROFITS…. In a much bigger, more beautiful way?
  •  Have a relentless hunger and drive for success?  
  •  Ready to take serious ACTION and start CREATING? 

What's included?

File Icon 10 files


Foundation- The Bread & Butter
About YOU
About YOU Workbook
24.8 MB
About THEM
About THEM Workbook
54.7 MB
Branding Essence: Self Study Course
Module 1: Front and Back End of your Brand
Module 2: Lifestyle Brand vs Expert Brand
Module 3: Branding & Emotion
Module 4: Visual Branding
Branding Workbook
5.3 MB
Photoshoot Prep- Checklist
9.1 MB

The Business Mentor & Confidence Coach for New Female Entrepreneurs