Confident Challenges- Monetize your Free Communities by Amie Pederson

Confident Challenges- Monetize your Free Communities

Start attracting new (and repeat) paying clients without chasing down people via "Hey Girl" messages and without offending your friends and family. We Kick off Monday 5/20


Are you sick and tired of being ghosted, getting no engagement on your posts, or getting unfriended?

Learn to use your FREE resources to start generating sales and hitting your monthly goals with ease (and fun).

You are still being taught to INVITE via the spammy "Hey Girl" messages to cold leads with some copy and paste script from your upline.

You open a new group for a clean eating or pop up free challenge EVERY SINGLE MONTH (sometimes twice a month).

You feel worn out, tired and defeated and you have thought about quitting more than once because you are doing everything you've been told and it just isn't producing an income?

Things are about to CHANGE

Let me show you exactly what I have been doing and still do to generate sales on repeat.  I will give you my exact steps for bringing in new leads, repeat customers and generating sales on repeat. This will include 5 figure launches and 5 figure days. 

Let me show you how to position yourself as a leader and expert in your field (no matter what stage of your journey you are) and start creating the "I'll have what shes having" effect, with confidence!

There is no sleazy sales tactic here, in fact it is quite the opposite. You will lead with integrity, honesty and love while leveraging your FREE communities (email, FB groups, FB Biz page etc) to start generating leads and SALES! 

You DO NOT have to have a super strong, engaged upline to be successful.  You can generate leads and earn big money while hitting your monthly success goals EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

I've got you covered- like a straw hat

We are going to dive DEEP into EVERYTHING it takes to monetize our FREE Communities and resources.  Each module will be recorded LIVE and I will walk you through exactly what to do and what I have done. 

I will be giving specific examples for Beachbody, Essential Oils, Plexus, Skin Care and Independant Coaches.  
These proven methods are tried and true and work not only for me but also my clients. 

We Kick Off Monday 5/20/19

We aren't wasting any time, are you ready to dive in and make selling easier and make your business feel fun again?