Discover my PROVEN SYSTEM to attract clients, get visible, and earn more INCOME through the power of Pinterest! (and how I am getting 2 MILLION views each month on Pinterest - so you can too)


So you want to get your business in front of more people?

Becoming more visible and reaching people outside of our "Friends & Family" who have already told us NO seems like such a daunting task. 

It seems really scary and at first, impossible. 

We think to ourself, "If ONLY I could get my offer in front of more people".

Well Friend, I am here to tell you that YOU CAN, and there is a MUCH easier way that does NOT leave you sending disgusting, cold, spammy "Hey Girl" messages...

Yep, its our trusty friend PINTEREST!  

Pinterest is the Platform that keeps giving...

What happens in Pinterest stays in Pinterest.  Really, you can have your pins viewed over and over again, LOOOOONG after you have posted them.  They don't require maintenance or hitting the time of day or algorithm just right, they just need to match someones search... 

Want to make your Business MORE VISIBLE?

Let me show you how we grew to almost 2 MILLION MONTHLY VIEWS... Talk about Visibility!

Where is the first place you search when you need something- a recipe, an idea, inspiration, a new logo, ANYTHING... Yep, Pinterest. 

Something most people (including business owners) don't realize is that Pinterest is not a social media platform... Say What? That's right, its a SEARCH ENGINE!  

I bet you are nodding your head saying "Oh Yeah, I can totally see that".  Trust me I did the same thing. 

Think about this...

When you are looking for a gorgeous brand board, logo inspiration or an epic cookie recipe you type in the search exactly what you want.  Posts from all over and all timeframes will pop up based simply on what your client is looking for. 

Have you ever tried to go back and find an old post on Facebook? What a nightmare! It's nearly impossible.  Pinterest is not that way! Your ideal clients get to SAVE your pins and content to come back to you over and over again.  

Facebook also likes to tuck away posts with an external link (to your gorgeous blog, retail page, etsy shop, badass sales page etc)... Pinterest is the exact opposite!  They are beyond happy to send your ideal clients straight to YOUR external links and pages.  

Even better than that, your ideal clients are totally happy to go to your external link/page to consume more of your magic!  THEY WANT TO GO THERE!  

In less than 4 months my account hit 1.9 MILLION monthly views

At first I was hesitant to even get started down this rabbit hole, but the truth is once you have some basic fundamentals down, which are pretty easy, its actually pretty easy to start to grow rapidly.  Even, better you can automate and reschedule your seasonal posts and so much more.

Another cool thing is that you aren't working against some uncrackable algorithm code.  People who use Pinterest are SEARCHING for specific things, they are there because they WANT TO FIND YOU!

Become MORE VISIBLE, ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS & EARN MORE INCOME with these simple systems that have PROVEN RESULTS...

This easy to follow self-study course will take you through easy to follow video training modules that you begin implementing immediately into your business and Pinterest Marketing...

Here is what's included:
  • ExPINential Growth 101 -Everything you need to know about how Pinterest in one place so you can implement the rest of the system super easily!
  • ExPINential Business Types - Creating your own unique Pinterest Strategy based on the specific type of business you run, so that you can maximize your impact, reach and conversion with confidence
  • ExPINential Branding - Discover how to easily attract your ideal dream clients with beautifully branded boards and pins (even if you are not a graphic designer!) To make your brand easily recognizable through a memorable first impression, so you can grow your audience and bring in sales faster.
  • ExPINential Autopilot - Reach MORE ideal dream clients, while doing less.  Utilize time-saving strategies to share both new content and repurpose your best stuff on autopilot even if your content is seasonal.
  • ExPINential Connection How to leverage free tribes and group boards with other already established audiences  to grow your own community (even if you are starting from scratch).
  • ExPINential SEO -How to make the search engine work for you throug th e power of Keywords and SEO strategies that will drive ready-to-buy traffic directly to your pins. 
  • ExPINential Monetizing - How to actually make a good income using Pinterest (even if you've never done it before).


Is this a good fit for me?

If you are a new or established coach, network marketer, creative, service provider or other type of entrepreneur who want to grow online using the power of Pinterest this is a great fit for you.  It doesn't matter if you are a cookie baker or a lawyer this course is a great fit for anyone who is ready to create easy to access, evergreen visibility, that leads to sales.

Who is NOT a good fit?

This won't be a good fit for you if you have no intention of actually opening the course and using it to grow your business. Also, if you are looking for a "get rich quick" solution or a "magic pill" this is not it for you.  Pinterest can definitely help you grow your business significantly, however as with any organic social platform it takes some time for you to put the work in and see the results roll in. It only took me 4 months to start getting seen by almost 2 MILLION people each month, but it happened because of my consistent action.

What if I am not ready?

As an entrepreneur YOU have to take YOUR business seriously.  And the truth is, we rarely ever feel ready to do the things we need to do that we know will help us grow.  By you being on this page and reading this right now tells me that you know you ARE actually ready for this, but your mind is wanting to keep you in your comfort zone.  Maybe your confidence is lacking, maybe its something else, but I know that a few months from now after you have enrolled and started implementing this course work you will be so glad that you took the leap.  

On the logistical side, you will not see this price for much longer and you have lifetime access to all the content inside the course.  So, even if you have to give yourself a few months to start to implement this work you will know that you made a smart decision today for the future of your business and bank account tomorrow. 

Can I join next time?

The early bird price will only be up for a short period of time.  Yes, you will be able to join later at the full price, however, I don't know how long this course will be up for enrollment or when the next time it will be open again. 

Do you have any guarantees?

Because I cant do this work for you and I can't be the one watching the course, or implementing the work for you (thats a different service) I can't guarantee any level of success based upon this.  I do know that if you follow the system to a "T" and commit to doing it consistently you will see results and improved visibility in your Pinterest marketing.  But, it's still up to you to do it. 

What if I have questions after joining?

No problem at all!  If you have any questions and want more support in your experience in going through this self-study course you will have an option to upgrade to also join the Goal Getters Society, which is our special members only community with loads of support.  This is provided to you at a promotional rate as a new student of the ExPINential Visibility course (and is totally optional). 

What's included?

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Welcome - Start Here
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Get Updates
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ExPINential Growth 101
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Creating your 1st Pin ExPINential Visibility.mp4
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ExPINential Biz Types & Content
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Content Tips ExPINential Visibility.mp4
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ExPINential Graphics
Create an ExPINential Graphic in Canva.mp4
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Graphics & Specs ExPINential Visibility.mp4
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ExPINential Branding & Ideal Dream Clients
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ExPINential SEO
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ExPINential Autopilot with Tailwind
Save $30 on Tailwind
Intro to Tailwind Training
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Basic Analytics.mp4
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Basic Scheduling Content .mp4
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Advanced Smart Loop Tips.mp4
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Advanced Analytics.mp4
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Intermediate Set Up Evergreen Loop.mp4
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Intermediate Set Up Seasonal Loops.mp4
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Intermediate Add To SmartLoop.mp4
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ExPINential Connection
Overview of Tribes and Boards with Melissa Meggison @ Tailwind
42 mins
Create a Tribe.mp4
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Find a Tribe.mp4
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Using Tribes.mp4
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ExPINential Visibility

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