"Show Me The Money"

Rewrite YOUR Money Story - In a way that WORKS so you can Start Living the Life of your Dreams!

Created by Biz Mentor & Certified Confidence Coach - Amie Pederson

Breaking it ALL down in a way that makes sense... This is not a how to ride your Unicorn to the bank for $1Mil type of nonsense

Truth Bomb:

I see OVER & OVER so many woman telling me they "CAN'T" invest into their business.  That money is just "Too Tight".

The problem is, they lack belief not the $47 or $497 but belief that by expanding their education and skills they can EASILY earn that money back (plus more).

I have had more women than I can count on both hands reach out and tell me they WISH they could join my course but just can't right now, they have to start bringing in money in their business first. 

Truth Bomb #2: the cost of most of my courses is close to and sometimes LESS than the products they are trying to sell to their own clients. 

Truth Bomb #3:  You cannot tell your clients to invest into themselves (Self care, health, weightloss, etc) if you arent willing to do the same.  

I once was asked- "Would you spend, or have you spent $1000 on a retreat?"  At the time my answer was NO, and the feeling I had inside the pit of my stomach thinking about forking out that kind of Cash for 1 or 2 days made my stomach actually flop.  This is how I knew I wanted to offer more affordable VIP Retreats for my clients. 

See where I am going with this... KEEP READING

Do you BELIEVE in yourself?

I mean REALLY believe with every ounce of your being that YOU are worthy and capable of earning BIG $$$? Or is your subconscious telling you that you are not enough and keeping you in a place of FEAR and blocking the ability to bring more money in- CONFIDENTLY?

Money is an energetic exchange.  Before the time of money someone would trade a cow or goat for a service or product.  Just so happens dollars and coins are easier to carry around. 

For a long time I was just like you- thinking well I can just figure it out on my own, it will certainly be on Youtube.  My Friend, the answers to learning this content is NOT on Youtube.

If you are a coach and you offer a service or product, and you are sharing said service or product because you so badly want to make some money- your clients will sniff that energy and desperation out like a well seasoned blood hound. They feel like they've just been pitched to, they feel icky and inauthentic. 

Not exactly the feeling we are going for right?

If you ask ANY successful coach (I mean someone earning $5k, $10k or MORE per month) if they reinvest into their business I can almost Guarantee they will almost ALL say YES).  

Truth Bomb #4: If you treat your business like a $40 or $100 business because thats all you needed to start up, you will have a business that pays you like a $40 business.  If you treat your business like a REAL BUSINESS you will see the results of a real business.

I know its hard to wrap your brain around the idea of investing when you aren't really earning, and the feeling you get of anxiety and frustration and wishing you could pushes you deeper and deeper into that RUT you feel forever STUCK IN.  The truth is, there are things YOU DON'T KNOW that would massively serve YOU, YOUR BIZ & YOUR CLIENTS, by implementing them.

Start thinking about the Return on Investment (ROI) that you could start getting almost immediately when you open up to the idea of earning more money and letting go of the things that are actually blocking money from coming into you, that you may not even recognize yet. 

Money Mindset is what separates those struggling to earn from those out there crushing it in their businesses - think about someone you know who is earning like crazy in your industry who started right about the same time as you. 

I have invested close to $30k into my business since last year.  I look at it as I would a college education, except way more fun and useful to me. 

I am not expecting you to fork out $30k

I feel like Money Mindset is the thing that new coaches and entrepreneurs NEED THE MOST, so I want to make sure you have NO EXCUSES to not implement this CRUCIAL tool into your business.  That is why I created this course originally for my highest level mastermind girls (Recipe For Success) and I want to share it with you.

Even at regular price ($497) this in-depth 2 video course and over 40 pages of workbooks this is a no brainer price.  This weekend ONLY I am offering it to you at only $297! 

Are you Ready to rewrite your money story?

  •  The Past: Learn where your current money story stems from
  •  Present: Reveal your current views on money
  •  Future: Rewrite your Money Story and set worthy intention for youself and your business, release any guilt around money, learn where your money is going and how to cut back on being wasteful.
  •  Overcoming Fears:  Money stuff can be scary at times, learn to overcome those fears and set new goals.  Overcome the blocks of becoming the wealthiest version of yourself, and how it is SAFE to do so.
  •  Affirmations: How to affirm your new money story daily
  •  Reading List: A list of all of my Favorite Books (aka Audios) to help keep my mindset in check

What's included?

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