Recipe For Success


Calling all work-from-home mommas or mommas who want to work from home:

If there was a one-stop-shop for all things business – kinda like Trader Joe’s or Target, but for your business – that could take you from barely noticed to well-known in your niche...would you want in on it?


Good news, gorg: It’s possible. 

You CAN stand out, make waves with fulfilling work and make a solid income with your home-based business.

You just need a solid recipe to get started.

It’s your turn to experience and savor sweet success, your way. 

Lets Talk Momma...

I get it: You’re struggling-with-a-capital-S to put all the pieces together to make your new business or opportunity work. 

You’re drowning in overwhelm, struggling to really even get started (because where do you start when everybody tells you to start somewhere different?) & it kiiiinda feels like there’s a squirrel living in your head.

You’re constantly bouncing from one task to another, one thought to another, and one course to another. 

And yet, you’re still not getting anywhere. 

(Oh, and forget about having support from anyone in your real life–they truly just don’t get it.)

Your big dream is to become a badass visionary entrepreneur, but the real deal is that you don't know where in the H-e-double-hockey-sticks to start.

Not to say that you haven’t tried.

Tell me if you can relate-

You’ve signed up for every free training and webinar that’s ever popped up on your Facebook feed...but it’s a miracle if you ever finish or implement one.

Your inbox is like a “graveyard of freebies”–and let’s not even get started on how many podcasts you download (and don’t listen to) every week. 

You’ve got a collection of low-end courses collecting virtual dust in your Dropbox that’s slightly embarrassing.

You keep running into challenges, confusion & setbacks at every turn–and no one to turn to for support, to ask questions or to help propel you forward, so you stay STUCK.

You feel like you’re desperately trying to piecemeal your business together using various resources–and it’s confusing AF.

Sound about right?

Well, I’ve got good news.

It doesn’t matter whether... 
 - You signed up for an MLM you truly believe in, but haven’t done diddly besides read the cute welcome packet (and send a few “Hey girl” Facebook messages–which felt awful, for the record)
You have your life coach certification–and even reserved your own domain–but haven’t actually launched your site (let alone finished your dreaded About page–eek!)
Or you’ve been in some other business a few months or more, but just aren’t growing (or making as much money) as you thought you would by now

...If you’re a mom struggling to launch or grow your business in a way that feels as good as almond chickpea cookie dough tastes (UM YUM), you’re in JUST the right place.

(Because we both know you’re meant for more than folding laundry and wiping boogers. Even if you do fold a mean fitted sheet–a true act of wizardry.)

Sooooo, here’s the deal...
Running a home-based business is the best thing since gluten-free bread. And it’s also the best thing I ever did for myself, my marriage and my family.


In the online space, it’s soooo easy to get overwhelmed!

There’s just so much information out there, all full of conflicting (if well-meaning) advice.

I mean…

You can buy a full course on branding alone–and spend four weeks picking out the “perfect” color.
You can buy another one on how to “properly” write your website and spend six weeks laboring over every word on your home page.
And let’s not forget about all the courses on Facebook ads...and Instagram strategies...and sales funnels...and how to recruit like a rockstar.


Even writing that down made me feel a little cray cray!

It’s no wonder so many momma business owners feel overwhelmed, overworked and contemplate quitting their businesses altogether.

Hi, I’m Amie Pederson,

 business mentor and confidence coach for new female entrepreneurs, hostess of the Moms Making Money Show, wife and momma and look–I get it! 

As a budding entrepreneur and mom, you truly do have a lot on your plate. (Bad food pun totes intended.)

That’s why YOU need something different

Something simple. Something streamlined. Something–dare I say it–easy-to-digest.
You don’t need another free training or “cheap” (dare I say “fast food” style) course.

You need an experienced–something that lays out exactly what to do to get you from point A to point Z. 
Something with individualized support, so you can get feedback and tweak any process you learn so it suits you and your business, family & lifestyle goals.
Oh, and preferably you also need something where you’ll be surrounded by others who GET IT and GET YOU–and know how to juggle #momlife and #bossbabelife like pros.

Well, friend, I’ve got you. On ALL fronts.

What if you could learn EXACTLY how to launch and grow your business step-by-step, uplevel your mindset and connect with a tribe of other badass visionaries who "get it"–all in ONE place?


  • Having easy-to-follow “recipes” for every juicy part of your biz – from branding to niching to legal issues –designed to get your business up, running and serving up white-tablecloth-worthy results for your clients 
  • Getting the personalized support you need to tweak each recipe to suit your unique tastes and preferences (like a pinch of x here, a splash of y there)
  • Melting away overwhelm, self doubt and “WTF do I do now?”-itis thanks to step-by-step guidance to launch, build and grow your home-based business (even as a busy momma)
  •  Finally “finding your tribe” and being constantly surrounded by High Vibe ladies who GET IT and WANT to see you CRUSH IT!
  •  Not shelling out money to multiple “gurus” with multiple programs (and multiple payment plans!) every month! (#Whew)
  • Finding absolute clarity in your message, your mission, and your ideal client
  •  Creating a solid, identifiable, stand out brand–complete with gorgeous graphics, ads & content
  •  Making a consistent income with a super streamlined business you love
  •   Doing fulfilling work that also fulfills your desires in life–from undistracted QT with your family to doing fulfilling work (again or for the first time)
  •  Finally having PAYING, perfect fit clients seeking YOU out as their coach
  •  Learning to lead with passion and confidence from a place of true alignment–and run your biz in a way that FEELS GOOD.
  •  Figuring out how to truly balance the “hard work” (aka practical, back-end stuff) with the "woo woo" (aka front-end, mindset and confidence stuff), all while staying #highvibe
  •  Cultivating unshakable confidence and a magnetic mindset (Let’s face it: CONFIDENCE SELLS–and when you come from a place of unshakeable confidence and High-Vibe-ness, your clients will FEEL it and it will magnetize them TO YOU!)
  •  Owning your brilliance and becoming known as an expert in your niche
  • Creating actual success–you know, the kind other people (including those mom-shamers who give you the side-eye when you bring up running a business) can tangibly see
Basically- Imagine running a standout, home-based business that makes money, makes an impact and gives you the purpose you worried you lost a long time ago.

It’s ALL possible when you learn how to uplevel your vibe, your tribe and your business.

Now, of course, you could keep wasting your time trying to figure it all out on your own and hoping that one day you’ll be able to DIY all the pieces all together...


You could learn my recipes for yourself!

It’s your choice, momma.But…If you’re truly ready to rock entrepreneurship and make money from home (and quite possibly your PB&J stained PJ’s)...Or you’ve been an entrepreneur for a minute, but you’re still not selling as many packages, products or programs as you’d like and you’re ready to knock that off…

Or you’re looking for a way to streamline and simplify, even–dare I say it?--- automate parts of your business and get some of your time (and headspace) back…

It’s time to change the way you approach your business (and your life) for good.

That’s why I am so, so, so excited to share...


Recipe for Success is a one-stop-shop specifically for female entrepreneurs ready to turn up the heat on their home-based businesses–and take everything from their mindset to their income to the people they surround themselves with the next level.

Thanks to a unique (and obviously tasty) blend of self-paced online learning, high-level mentorship and a mastermind of like-minded boss ladies, Recipe for Success will walk you through actual, proven steps (read: recipes) to launch and grow your badass home-based business, from branding to social media mastery.

With Recipe for Success, you’ll receive a hybrid outside-the-box approach that gives you customized coaching, full email support, personalized reviews of your homework, group coaching calls, Live FB Q&A's and hot seat coaching–so you can get the personalized guidance you need to break through your barriers like no big deal.

But there’s nothing cookie cutter here, babe.

But like with any recipe, these are recipes you can take & tweak to suit your unique preferences.

Every step of the way, you’ll receive guidance from yours truly–and your new, fellow #highvibetribe–so you can fine-tune each ‘recipe’ inside to fit your unique brand essence. (Or, as I like to say, add your own special sauce. ;) )

It’s literally everything you need to launch and grow your business so you stand out, make waves and make a solid income, all in one place. 

The whole enchilada, if you will. ;) 

You’ll end the program feeling clear on your purpose, unique approach, brand and all the other ingredients necessary to whip up a successful online coaching business.

Or, as I like to say: This complete 5-star experience contains a loaded menu of top-notch recipes that’ll take you and your biz “Sous Chef” to “Executive Chef” status, in 3-6 months flat.

One recipe at a time. 
One step at a time. 
One day at a time. 

How delish does that sound?

Here's what You can Expect in our 6 Months Together

Each of the first 12 weeks, you’ll get access to laser-focused modules with the tools, techniques & action steps (aka ingredients) you need to whip one area of your business into shape. Just like a real recipe, everything is laid out in order, so you know exactly what to do, step-by-step. You can say adios to overwhelm, keep moving forward with your passion, fine-tune your systems and finally launch or grow your online coaching business.
(Value $7997)

You will have access to not only the 12 Must Have Mastermind Modules, but also EVERY Training I have created to date and access to ALL TRAININGS I create during our 6 months together (including programs and groups with additional coaching calls)
(Value Over $997)

Each module comes complete with an accompanying workbook. You’ll also receive exclusive access to my personal collection of curated swipe files, templates and resources. If I've created it, you can have it–on a silver platter! 

  • Top email nurture sequences swipe file to help you ease into automating your emails, all ready to go in one easy-to-access swipe file ($497 Value)
  •  LeadPages Opt-ins Swipe File you can use for #inspo and to help format your own landing pages–just change your colors, copy and images/graphics and voila! ($597 Value)
  •  ClickFunnels Sales Page Template – You’ll receive the exact sale page template used on this page for FREE. Don’t worry about re-inventing the wheel. All you have to do is modify the template with your own branding and copy and boom–done. ($1297 Value) 
  •  Successful Sales Page Layout PDF – This easy-to-digest PDF will take you step-by-step through how to create the perfect layout for a successful sales page ($997 Value)
  •  PLUS: Total access to my toolbox–aka Little Black Book–of top-notch resources and shortcuts ($147 Value)
  • (TOTAL VALUE: $7997)

MONTHLY 30-MIN PRIVATE CALL WITH AMIE (for each of the 6 months)
(Value $600)

Have a Q between calls? Want specific feedback on your creations as you move through the modules? I’ve got you. You can use our Facebook group around-the-clock to share your creations & ideas as you work through the modules–from brand boards to logo design to funnels to that crazy-fun new offer idea that popped into your head at 2 a.m. Want my eyes and hands on your biz and content? THIS is the ONLY place I’ll be showing up DAILY. 

I get it. Sometimes you just need an action step, someone to tell you what to do, or a fresh pair of eyes on your ideas, content or whatever-else. That’s what I’m here for. Better yet, I *won’t* sugarcoat and leave you with a vague answer like, “Do whatever feels good.” I’m talking legitimate, strategic advice. Basically? If you have a question, it's gonna get answered. I pinky-promise: You will not be left floundering. (Hehe– floundering!)
(VALUE: $1297)

What if you could get private support, anytime? You can! This is your chance to get on-the-spot A’s to your Q’s–so you’re never held up while creating and growing your dream business. Simply shoot me a voice message to discuss your goals, visions, triumphs and–obviously–receive the high-level coaching and mentorship you need to earn the income you crave (and finally leave that soul-sucking job), set your own schedule and make an actual impact. 
(TOTAL VALUE: $2997)

When you join RFS, you’ll get immediate access to our incredible Facebook group–an off-the-hook community of like-minded mommas in the same boat. Inside this non-competitive, intimate & uplifting space, you’ll be surrounded by other women who GET IT and who WANT to support you and see you grow. These ladies will help you keep your High Vibe status and help grow your network of amazing new relationships. This is THE perfect place to post your progress, share your goals & ideas and seek feedback, so you can keep your fire blazing every step of the way!  

And the sweetest part? You can ask us anything–from feedback on your creations to the personal stuff, too–knowing that not only do I have your back, but your new Biz Besties do, too. (I’ve personally found peer feedback tres valuable on my own journey!) 

Lots of programs leave you starving for more after the ‘teaching’ is over. Not Recipe for Success. You’ll receive 5-star support for an additional 3 months after the release of all modules–for 6 months of unparalleled, totally fulfilling support. #whoa this includes 2 group coaching calls EVERY month

Yes–I will have my hands and eyes all over your business for 6 full months! Between full email support, our Facebook group and coaching calls, you’ll have opportunities aplenty to get my hands and eyes on your business, content and brand. 



Get instant access to red hot, top-of-the-line training from my team of experts, plus new trainings are added monthly on everything from accounting & investing to events to messaging & copy and more!

Current trainings include:
  • Legal Training 101 – What you need to know about contracts with clients, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimers and Top things to Avoid with Attorney Christi Westerfeld.  
  •  Facebook Ads 101 – Learn your way around Ads Manager and all the basics of starting and launching an Ad, how to target an ideal client/audience, the different types of ads you can run and the associated costs with Jillian Thomas
  •  Instagram 101- Learn the ins and outs of this additional platform. Expert Nycki Schneider will take us through all things #Hashtags, visual appeal, branding on IG and so much more
  •  Hiring your First Virtual Assistant – My very own amazing VA, April W., is going to talk to us about all the things when it comes to hiring your first VA, what to start with on work load, what to look for, what to avoid, security of your passwords and content etc. 

Outside The Box Approach

There is not one cookie cutter approach to running your business. You will get the ingredients and tools you need to customize your brand essence and individual expertise where together we will fine-tune the right recipe for YOU. 

This hybrid "Outside the Box" approach gives you customized coaching and support, full email support, personalized reviews of your workbooks, group coaching calls, Live FB Q&A's and hot seat coaching support as well as the videos and workbooks all in one program.

12 Comprehensive Modules

Access to all 12 of the modules, templates, tools, and steps to formulate the ingredients into a master recipe for success. Every step is laid out in a concise order to help prevent overwhelm, keep you moving forward with your passion, get your business systems fine tuned and LAUNCH your online coaching business, and start changing the lives of your clients.  

You will have LIVE access to the recordings of each module, with interactive Q&A at the end of each workshop.  You will have total access to my Toolbox aka Little Black Book of resources and shortcuts.  You will have LIFETIME Access to the modules and workbooks.  

Mastermind Community

You will get weekly group coaching calls so you can get your individual questions answered so you are not being held up in your progress of creating and growing your dream business. Individualized review of all workbooks, a free VIP Community where you can post progress, ideas and seek feedback so you can keep the fire burning every step of the way! 

Discuss your personal and unique goals while staying HIGH-VIBE and receive high level coaching, mentorship and commerodery of an intimate and uplifting community of other high level action taking Biz Besties who really get you! 

Yes- I will have my hands and eyes all over your business for this entire 6 months!

Mindset & Confidence

Learn to lead with passion and confidence from a place of true alignment and in a way that FEELS GOOD. 

Find absolute clarity in your message, your mission, and your ideal client.  

Truly balancing the hard work (Back End) with the "woo woo" aspects of it all and being in total alignment and of course High Vibe (Front End).

Lets Face it- CONFIDENCE SELLS and if you are coming from a place of unshakeable confidence and High-Vibe your clients will FEEL it and it will magnetize them TO YOU!

Coaching & Mentorship

Build the business that truly serves you, discuss your goals, visions, triumphs, and of course ask your questions and receive high level coaching and mentorship twice a month via a group Zoom Call.  And a monthly 1:1 30 minute call.

Additionally I have a team of EXPERTS who will be conducting top of the line training for us in areas including Facebook Ads, Legal needs and exposure, InstaGram Expert, and my own Virtual Assistant on what to know when you are seeking your first assistant.

Templates & Swipe Files

I have compiled a fully comprehensive swipe file full of my email my top email nurture sequences to help you ease into automating your emails ready to go in one easy to access swipe file.  

I have also compiled my exact Lead Pages Optins into a swipe file that you can use for inspiration and formatting- just simply change your colors, copy and images/graphics.

I will give you the template layout to this sales page so you do not have to recreate the wheel, you can simply modify with your branding, copy and concept and add the links to be your own... no starting from scratch if you dont want to ($1297 Value) 

Additionally-you will have an amazing Expert Video with Erica Strauss that will take you step by step to create the copy layout for a successful sales page. 

Hold up. Who am I and what’s my story?

Long story short? I know business. I’ve run multiple businesses of my own for TEN years and mentored solopreneurs and multi-million dollar companies alike.

Yeah, you could say I’ve earned my chops. 

But here’s the real story behind Recipe for Success…

2 years ago, I gave up the comfort of my corporate 9-to-5 gig after more than 13 years with the same team (where I helped mentor several businesses from the ground up) to build an online mentoring business to help women like you overcome fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs and learn the steps it takes to stand out and be successful.  

I have an undying passion for helping Moms overcome the fear of being Mom-shamed and set boundaries around growing both a business and babies. (You might say I get a little Momma Bear on this topic. See what I did there? ;) )

But that’s not to say building a thriving home-based business came easily to me.

See, when I was first planning to shimmy away from my stable, 6-figure plus job, I had a vision of creating an EPIC online business. I wanted to change lives on a big scale. 

But TBH? The methods I was taught initially went against my integrity and made me feel Icky. 

I had to learn a few lessons the hard way, including the fact that not all resources and programs are created equal. And #allthethings we’re told we SHOULD DO? They aren’t always right for us.

Just like when it comes health and weight loss (my first loves), I have found that there’s no ONE way that works for everyone.  

When I first jumped into working for myself, I wasn’t plugged into any sort of formal training, so I scrounged and scrambled and became a "course junkie.” 

Yup, I was that girl–signing up for every program I could get my hands on, only to find myself more confused and overwhelmed at the end.

(I was later told it’s NORMAL to be completely overwhelmed the first 3-6 months. Say what?) 

I would get so frustrated because every coach/guru/colleague I followed had a different recipe. So, I sampled them all. 

But honestly? This was just a recipe for disaster for me. 

I knew I had to find another way. I knew I had to think outside the box. I knew I had to find other ways to make things happen.

And I knew I had to prove all my naysayers wrong...and prove myself right.

‘Cause that’s another thing I learned the hard way: Not everyone will get it, or get you. 

Not everyone will understand why you “want to go back to work” when you have little ones at home.
Not everyone will get your ambitious nature, your drive, your UNDYING PASSION to DO MORE.
Not everyone will be happy for you when you start a new venture, or get your welcome kit in the mail from your network marketing company, or your first blog post goes viral.

I learned it was just as important to surround myself with incredible people as it was to find the “right” kind of mentorship for me.

Listen: It’s soooo easy to lose our identities when we become moms. I know I did.

But this business, the one I’m running today? 

It gave me LIFE again. I’m a living, breathing, booger-wiping example that it IS possible to have both–the sweet kids (who I get to spend amazing QT with) and a thriving business I work on approximately 12-20 hours a week that fulfills me.

It’s okay to want to uplevel. It’s okay to want to do more, be more and have more. 

Because yes, you’re a momma. But you’re also a human, too.

The good news? 

In time, I found my own confidence and opened my eyes to new ideas and options that gave me results!

I soon learned that if what you NEED TO or SHOULD DO isn't working, or feels hard, heavy and forced... its ok to set those rules on fire and think outside the box.  

And when I did just that? I saw my income spike, felt great about WHAT and HOW I was generating my business, and finally could be completely REAL with my clients and myself! 

Today, I show up and deliver my message and expertise from a truly aligned place, and with integrity every day– and it feels so damn good!

In the end, I spent over $20k learning what I know about building an online business (not including my Business Degree–oh yeah, I have one of those, too!). 
I created Recipe for Success to save you the time and heartache of trying #allthethings and to share my outside-the-box strategies, plus the mistakes and lessons I learned, so you can take the fast track to home-based business success! 

I also created Recipe for Success because I know from personal experience how incredible an intimate Mastermind can be. When you have a built-in support team–a group of women who know what you are going through and who are HAPPY to lift you up and encourage you along the way–something magical happens. The connection you create and cultivate with these women is something that not many will experience in their lives.  

I can say that without my own #highvibetribe, my own entrepreneurial journey would’ve been a whole lot harder. If I hadn't invested in myself, if I hadn't networked with these women I would not be the Confident Business Women I am right now. The company, comradery, true friendships and HIGH VIBES these ladies bring into my life is truly PRICELESS.

Basically? I’ve packaged up my entire step-by-step system (recipes, if you will) so you can get everything you need at a more modest investment, once.

And now? I’m forking it over to you (lovingly, of course).

Chips & Guac (and Maybe Some Apps)

1. Biz Gameplan & Mindset Fundamentals (Including Money Mindset)

2. The Bread & Butter- Foundation (Ideal Client)

3. Complete Branding Recipe (more than a logo- the entire Branding System and Essense)

4. Website Development & Graphic Creation

The Main Dish

1. Your Signature Offering and pricing

2. Confident Biz Systems- Thinking Outside the Box

3. Marketing Message & Systems (Funnels & List Building & Alignment)

4. Soulful Sales System Recipe (This is going to knock your socks off)

The Desert Tray

1. Social Media Mastery (FB Ads)

2. PR & Joint Ventures

3. Biz Expansion & Legal Stuff 

4. Hosting your own Retreats 

WAIT There's More...

(Oh yeah, I went there!)

Just to make sure you’re super supported, you’ll also receive these fancy schmancy bonuses:

Bonus Support + Coaching (Months 4-6)
Soak up content for the first three months, and continue to receive full support and coaching so you aren’t left floundering for a full 6 MONTHS. Ohhh yeah, baby.

I obviously saved the best for last…

Complimentary access to all retreats and trainings created during this 6 months, including….

Four Seasons Carlsbad, CA (San Diego)

UPLEVEL your Clarity, Confidence & Biz by BREAKING THROUGH Any Limiting Beliefs & Strategy Set-backs

A High-Vibe In Person Experience at the Four Seasons in Carlsbad, CA (Northern San Diego)

UPLEVEL your Clarity, Confidence & Biz by BREAKING THROUGH Any Limiting Beliefs & Strategy Setbacks 

This year, we will spend two full days at the gorgeous 4 Seasons in Carlsbad, CA (Northern San Diego) lapping up luxury and strategy (and really awesome XXXX) in an intimate setting with XXX other amazing ladies.

By joining Recipe for Success, you’ll receive complimentary and priority access* to this game-changing retreat all about MAJORLY UPLEVELING your Vibe and Biz!

You’ll sashay away from this retreat with a clear purpose, a new (or renewed) HIGH VIBE ENERGY and one of the best experiences ever, under your belt.  

(BTW: Live VIP Retreats ARE totally addicting and you’ll absolutely leave hungover on HIGH VIBES with a full heart and determined unstoppable new mission. #justsaying)

(Seriously, in-person experiences are hands down one of my FAVE ways to connect and coach. I absolutely ADORE spending the in-person time with each other. Working together in an online Mastermind with calls and videos is EPIC, no doubt... the in person VIP Retreats takes it to a whole new level.)

2 FULL days of Masterminding + Upleveling Mindset & Strategy
Gourmet Snacks, Refreshments, Lunch, Dinner & Drinks included. 

Not Included: 
Airfare, Overnight Lodging, Travel to/from Airport, Sit-down Breakfast 

Sweet, right?

Should you indulge in Recipe for Success?

YES, if you’re a momma (Fur Mommas Count too) and visionary female entrepreneur who is...

  • Just getting started or dabbling in a new business idea or opportunity and craving guidance (almost like your little one seems to crave cookies on the reg)
  •  Ready to uplevel and experience real breakthroughs in your business–and yourself
  •  Ready to take the message in your heart that you’re undeniably passionate about going from hobby status to household name status
  •  Ready to learn, COACHABLE and down to start taking massive action
  •  Ready to say "Adios" to those limiting beliefs, fears and self-doubts and "Hola!" to taking action and getting results. 
  •  Sick of spinning your wheels and living in a constant state of overwhelm
  •  Ready to take ACTION and follow a step-by-step recipe that will reduce those feelings of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and confusion.
  •  Done wasting precious time and money on services, technology and cool-but-totally-not-necessary apps, courses and coaches 
  •  Discouraged and exhausted from working so hard to stand out, grab viewers attention and get actual, paying clients and customers
  •  Ready to leverage your passions and experience into a business model that generates PROFITS… in a much bigger way! 
  • Relentlessly hungry and driven for success!
  •  Ready for a massive personal, emotional, and professional transformation!

  • But you should probably hold off if...
  •  You’re filled with “What if’s?” (and NOT ready to let go of ‘em)
  •  You’re not ready to UPLEVEL into the High-Vibe Badass Business Woman you see in your visions
  •  You’re not open to learning proven methods and strategies along with thinking Outside the Box approaches–and working only from an aligned place of Flow in a way that FEELS AMAZING!
  •  You’re not ready to treat your business like a BUSINESS!

Listen: I know you want this business to work so freakin’ bad.

I also know you’re just about at your wit’s end. 

You’re frustrated, overwhelmed and can’t seem to get this thing off the ground. (And honestly, probably not a lot of fun to be around at the moment, either.)

But the icing on this gluten-free cupcake (and I say this with extreme sarcasm)? 

Almost everything you’ve tried to do or implement up until this point has only confused you more.

You’re taking a one-off course on this thing here, joining this membership for 30 days there, but in the end? You shimmy your cute buns away from every program with more bland and blanket approaches to biz that just don’t feel good–and don’t get results.


The truth is this: Building your business with rando free trainings or low-end courses–all from different “experts” with cookie-cutter methods–without being able to see how it all fits into the bigger picture and with zero personal guidance...AINT easy.

In fact, it’s usually a straight shot to Overwhelm City (not to mention it sucks the fun out of building a business faster than you can suck down a green smoothie after a killer hot yoga class).


When you’re trying to do too many things at once…
Or don’t know what to do or in what order…
AND there’s nobody there to hold your hand or a posse to hold you up when ish gets hard...

The self doubt kicks in like crazy. 

And before you know it, you start wondering stuff like:
“Am I really cut out for this?”
“What if this isn’t possible for me?”
“Why isn’t there anyone out there who gets me and what I go through on the daily?”
“What am I doing wrong? How come everybody else makes this look so easy?”
“Should I just give up?”
And even: “Am I the person they made that ‘results not typical’ disclaimer for?”

But listen, it doesn’t have to be this way!

If you’re ready to step into a whole new level of Badassery and say goodbye to all the things that could–and have–gotten in your way...let’s do this! I’m here for you!

Let’s recap, k? Here’s all the badassery summed up + *exactly* what you get…

  • 12+ RECIPE FOR SUCCESS MODULES - and any new courses during the 6 months, and everything I have created to date that you are craving! (VALUE: $7997)










6 months from now…

You could finally be making sales (and an amazing income that you just might #humblebrag about on Facebook), booking clients you love and feel SO supported by high-vibe colleagues and forever #bizbesties. 

You could finally be running a business that FEELS GOOD–and allows you to be a woman, an ambitious business owner and a mom.

Basically? You could finally have a standout brand, an unshakable mindset and off-the-charts confidence, and a high-vibe tribe–while still being “The #1 Mom.”

That’s what Recipe for Success is alllll about.


The very last thing I want (besides maybe watching Frozen again for the billionth time) is for you to be in the exact same spot 6 months from now. (I’m sure you don’t want that, either!)

I don’t want you to keep feeling frustrated, confused and questioning yourself.

I don’t want you to keep signing up for low-end courses you never even finish.

And I def don’t want you to forever wonder, “What if?”

Because you’re worthy. You’re capable. 

And you deserve to prove yourself right.

(And the rest of the world wrong.)

xo, Amie
When my husband and I were starting our new business, the amount of information we had to process was extremely overwhelming. Amie provided guidance not only on starting the company, but was very helpful to ensure the decisions we made at the beginning would also support our long term goals for the company. 

After taking advice from her, I was much more confident in getting our business off the ground. We are now a fully functioning small business, but I still send questions Amie’s way when I’m not quite sure about things.
Sherrie B, California 

Is this right for me?

Are you a momma? Are you so ready to launch and exponentially grow an actual, profitable, home-based business? Are you looking for personalized support, authentic friendships (aka other momma biz owners who get and see you) and something easier-to-follow than the little training your upline or company’s provided, or you’ve soaked up from a few free or low-cost courses? 

Then yes: Recipe for Success was made just for you.

What makes this different?
First: This NOT your regular cookie cutter business program. 

Recipe for Success isn’t just about shoveling more information into your brain or adding to your overwhelm.

It’s about giving you step-by-step ‘recipes’ that you can take and tweak (with the help of myself and your mastermind sisters, of course!) so they work for you. It’s about teaching you everything from branding to Facebook ads mastery–and providing the custom support you need to make it work for you.

With RFS, you’ll get EVERYTHING you need (and nothing you don’t) to start taking INSPIRED action to UPLEVEL your business, vibe and tribe–and start transforming clients’, customers’ (and teammates’) lives like the ambitious lady you are!

(And that’s honestly just scratching the surface of what this one-size-does-NOT-fit-all mentorship approach can do for your business. For real.)

What if I don’t have the money for this?
Sometimes, you know you can’t afford something. Other times, you know you can’t afford not to get something. I think of money and investing like karma–so what goes around comes around. What you put out into the Universe, I believe WILL come back to you...even and especially moolah.

I also made sure this experience was offered at a no-brainer–despite the incredible value price–so that even the new and emerging Boss Mom can afford to join. 

How much time will this take?
I want to make this easy on you, boo. The truth is, YOU get to decide how much time you spend interacting in our group, listening to modules and asking for (and giving) feedback. You’ll obviously need at least 1 hour a week for our coaching call, but beyond that, you fit this in when YOU can fit it in.

Do you offer refunds or have a guarantee?
There are no refunds at this time. Please contact me to learn more.

What should I do if I have more questions? Send me a direct message or email (
I've worked with Amie Pederson for the past 4 years. She has been and continues to be an inspiration to me in my business endeavors. Her positive outlook, her ability to reframe challenges into growth, her creativity and her focused drive to get help folks get their dreams transformed to reality are all reasons why I admire her!

- Mary P, CA 

The Business Mentor & Confidence Coach for New Female Entrepreneurs